Welcome to the Arcade!

The Absinthe Arcade is a collection of free-to-play games with no ads or in-app purchases. These arcade games are new takes on old favorites and are developed in our spare time for your support. We will continue to make these small arcade games for everyone in an effort to raise support for our current full-featured PlayStation 4 and PC title.

If you like what you play, would you consider inserting a coin to help us press forward with these free releases? They go a long way to helping us keep on keeping on!

One Stick Is Good Enough

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One Stick Is Good Enough is a top-down twin stick shooter that only uses one stick (mouse) to both move and shoot. Quick and addictive, One Stick Is Good Enough tests your skill with moving and shooting by combining both moving and shooting into a single click of the mouse. Keep your wits about you as being able to balance moving and shooting is a key element to chasing that high score!

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